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The best MTG card editor to create your own Custom cards!
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We offer nearly all MTG frames and continously add new one created by our community on discord.

Change anything you want

From Frame, title, power, rarity, icon set, to unique borders, you can edit seamlesly any aspeect of your card.

1200 DPI: HIGH resolution

Unlike many other MTG proxy card designing tool, we offers the highest resolution available to ensure your print comes out the BEST possible.1200DPI for free.


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Gallery: Duplicate & Edit

Probably the most requested feature :
Duplicate and edit any card you see in the gallery.
See a border you like? An interesting design ? Immediatly duplicate and make it your own.


Fast and easy text editing

With our new version, comes a new way of editing your cards!
Quickly apply any modification to the text of your cards, insert symbol, adjust font size, font color and font type. Long gone the days of having to type these codes manually! It has never been easier to edit a card!

Set Symbol

Quickly add any set symbol and select it rarirty from our brand new Set Symbol library system
Adjust any position, scale, opacity or Upload your own set symbol.

Adjust anything!

You can now adjust any setting in seconds using our new scroll bar system
Quickly change the scale, opacity, position etc... Of anything you see!
We've optimized this new MTGcardBuilder to save you as much time as possible!

Most recent custom cards

Check out the most recent MTG proxy card created and submited to the Custom cards gallery by our amazing community from our discord.

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